40cm Fitted Sheet, Fitted Sheet

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet 40cm – White

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet White 40cm

Everyone wants to have hassle-free bedding accessories to save time in this busy era. In the current scenario, the Egyptian cotton fitted sheet is a blessing for our bedroom. It’s a sheet that perfectly fits my mattress and provides me with tangle-free sleep.

A fitted sheet is just a lovely bed sheet that is rectangular or quadrate in shape. The fitted sheets are made using elastics either at the sheet’s four corners or around the corners. It is known as a shower cap when it surrounds the base of the sheet.

Everyone desires the mysterious ideal nap. However, make attempts to find ourselves battling with our bedding or becoming entangled in our covers. In the UK, Cotton comfort bedding is bringing the best bedding items for your luxurious bedrooms. Among our collection, the extra deep Egyptian cotton fitted sheets are available to assist your mattress. They are a fantastic product that keeps your bedding nice and crisp.

Bed sheets with specifically shaped elasticated hemming at the border and corner seams are known as fitted sheets. Ensuring that your mattress is covered by a bed sheet that is both snug and ideal. They often are the last sheet your body touches while lying on your mattress. It is advantageous to have a smooth base to build on, regardless of your bedding preference, whether you want lots of cushions, blankets, or prefer plain bedding. Let’s examine the main benefits of fitted sheets.

Cotton comfort bedding is offering fitted sheets made up of 400 thread count. In the market, the thread count may vary from 300 to 1000. We have the fitted sheet set collection in numerous colors but white and yellow are my priority colors. The white color gave a broader and more peaceful appearance to your bedroom.

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Teal
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Teal
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Silver
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Silver
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Sky Blue
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Sky Blue

Differences among Fitted sheets, Bed sheets, and Cap sheets

Bed Sheet: The first choice you must make when purchasing a new bed sheet is between a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. A rectangular piece of fabric that is wrapped around the mattress is referred to as a bed sheet.

Fitted Sheet: Fitted sheets have an elastic band around the edge, as the name implies, to make it simpler to draw them onto the mattress. The advantage of plain old bed sheets is that they are quicker to remove and simpler to fold and iron. The process of placing the sheet on the mattress, however, is more difficult and time-consuming. On the contrary hand, fitted sheets are simpler to place on your mattress and fit more snugly. They are perfect for persons who frequently toss and turn as they sleep since, once attached, they stick on the mattress.

Cap Sheet: A cap sheet or cap-style sheet is the third form of a sheet that is frequently used in hotels and medical facilities. When covering the bed, the cap sheet's cap is stretched over the top portion of the mattress. Afterward, the remainder is tucked beneath the mattress like a bed sheet.


Simple to put on and take off: Fitted sheets are convenient and simple to take off and put on your mattress thanks to the elasticized hem. Every time, a short procedure yields a neat appearance. Simply grasp one of the corners and start to loosen the fitted sheet from the bed.

Maintains Your Mattress: The majority of mattresses are expensive investments. We want to keep them as safe as we can. A high-quality mattress could last up to 10 to 12 years with a little care. This is where a fitted sheet excels since it serves as a cover layer to shield your mattress from spills and general wear and tear. You can also place a mattress protector in between the fitted sheet and mattresses for even more security, and you'll be amazed at how immaculate your mattress stays underneath.

Excellent Fit: Your bed sheets will no longer be wrinkled and crinkled. A tight fit is ensured by the corner seams and elasticized hem. You are left with a surface that is smooth and fresh, perfect for sleeping. Just be sure to take accurate measurements before purchasing to make damn sure your fitted sheet is the right size for your mattress.

As per measurements perspective, the Egyptian cotton fitted sheet comes in various sizes like 18cm, 20cm, 25cm,30cm, and 40cm. Cotton comfort bedding is offering the three domain sizes 25cm, 30cm, and 40cm in their store.

Buying Guide

You may find Egyptian Cotton Fitted sheets in our online shop, which is led by Cotton Comfort Bedding. It is a UK-based business that has been offering customers its best-selling bedding item for a long time.

  • We guarantee delivery within 48 hours of placing an order on their website.  
  • We offer a very clear refund or return policy that permits any buyer to return or claim a refund for an item within 30 days if they are dissatisfied with it. 
  • We provide a very clear 30-day money-back or return policy that enables any customer to return or get a refund for a product if they're unhappy with it.

One must read the washing instructions before using any product.

Sizing Details

It's simple to determine which sheet will fit your bed because the measurements of the bed sheets are usually given in the paperwork you receive when you buy a mattress. Fitted sheets are manufactured to fit your mattress dimensions. Fitted sheets, however, have some flexibility and can also fit a mattress that does not quite match the specified size because of the elastic.

If you use standard bed sheets, you should increase the mattress' size by roughly 40 cm to allow for the overhang. In sheets, the third dimension is the height, which is frequently indicated in addition to the length and breadth.

The height of mattresses can vary greatly. For instance, traditional mattresses typically have a height of 16 to 20 cm, whereas box spring mattresses are substantially taller and can reach heights of up to 30 cm.

So, make careful to determine the size and height of your mattress before purchasing a new bed sheet. Don't forget to factor in mattress toppers and similar goods if you use them in your calculations. After all, a well-fitted bed sheet will provide a high level of comfort while you sleep.

Some fitted sheet comes with zipper attachment but that counts as extra work for me. A fitted sheet with an elastic boundary is the best one to serve the bedding needs.

On cotton comfort bedding the following sizes of Egyptian Cotton fitted sheets are available;


90X190+40 cm


122X190+40 cm


137X190+40 cm


152X200+40 cm


180X200+40 cm

Care Tips for Maintaining a Fitted Sheet:

Here are some straightforward tips since we always aim to make your bedding endure longer. You're in luck because washing sheets isn't as difficult as it is with other, more delicate stuff.

  • Try to wash bedding at least once every week. This will prevent sweat, body oils, or dirt from having a chance to accumulating in the fabric.
  • Check your bedding in advance for any significant stains.
  • Wash your sheets separately. It is important to avoid getting lint on your linens from wool socks or towels.
  • Take your sheets out just before the dry cycle is complete for an exceptionally crisp bed. When they are still just a little damp, iron them. It will guarantee sheets without wrinkles.


Fitted sheets do not lie flat and are challenging to fold; they contain elasticized corners that are meant to be dragged over a mattress to ensure a compact, secure fit.

Since the pockets are either too shallow for your mattress or too deep, the corners of a fitted sheet that doesn’t have the proper pocket depth for your bed will either readily come off or won’t hold the sheet taut.

Your bed sheet might not stay in place if it is made of silk. One solution to the issue is to use suspenders. To give it something to grab onto, you can also insert something with a rougher surface underneath the fitted silk sheet.

Typically, sheets should be washed once each week. You might extend this to once every two weeks or so if you do not even sleep on your mattress every night.

Along with cotton comfort bedding, the fitted sheets are available on Amazon, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Zine, Zara, Matalan, and Zinus stores at affordable prices.


When purchasing a new bed set, you should consider the following questions to determine which fitted sheet is ideal for your requirements: What kind of bed linen do I require? What material is the best and what size will accommodate my mattress? Cotton comfort bedding provides superior bed sheets since they are more breathable and better at controlling body temperature.