25cm Fitted Sheet, Fitted Sheet

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet 25cm – Grey

Egyptian Cotton Fitted sheet 25cm Grey

The most interesting item in a room is a clean bed. The choice of bed linens becomes crucial for keeping the bed looking tidy at all times. In this situation, using Egyptian Cotton fitted sheets will help your bed look tidy. Currently, fitted sheets come in a variety of sizes, hues, and designs. Your bed will look tidy on a flat surface if this sheet is installed on a suitable mattress. You can view the varieties of fitted sheets on cotton comfort bedding that offers to better understand this sort of sheet. Fitted sheets on your bed still have a lot of benefits.

A fabric sheet with elasticized corners called a fitted sheet is designed to firmly fit over a mattress. To tightly cover the mattress and hold it in place, elastic bands are attached to the fabric corners at the edge. In the UK, Cotton Comfort bedding is offering the best range of Egyptian Cotton Fitted sheets.

Your mattress can be shielded from stains, spills, and filth with fitted sheets. Fitted sheets are made to fit snugly over the mattress and serve the purpose of protecting the mattress so you have a smooth, comfortable surface to rest on. It’s crucial to have the proper mattress dimensions and deep pockets so the fitted sheet stays in place if you want to sleep on a fitted sheet mattress comfortably.

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Teal
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Teal
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Silver
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Silver
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Sky Blue
Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet - Sky Blue

Advantages of using Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets have several benefits, especially for someone as busy as you.

  • Convenience and time and effort savings are their main advantages.
  • Once you know how to tuck them around, they are simple to place around the mattress.
  • They provide a straightforward method for quickly and effectively using linen. A flat sheet requires more time and work to tuck in, but a fitted sheet is simple for anybody to do.
  • After usage, they are washed in the washing machine or by hand, just like all other bedsheets. Their color and thread integrity can be preserved by gently washing them, air drying them without exposure to direct sunshine, and without bleaching or dry cleaning them.
  • However, handle the sheet's elastic with caution. If the elastic degrades, the sheet will stop working effectively, and you might as well use a flat sheet instead.

Fabric choice for Fitted sheets

Cotton: This soft, velvety cloth is undoubtedly the present that promotes relaxation. Despite being composed entirely of cotton, cotton sheets retain their incredible softness even after washing. They are typically the most laid-back bed linens as a result, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

As the weather changes, Egyptian Cotton fitted sheets retain heat better than other types of bed linens. The brushed cotton fabric is still quite breathable and light, though. Because of this, it's an excellent alternative all year round for people who either have chilly or hot sleepers.

Jersey Material: While the majority of other cotton sheets are made from multiple threads crossing one another, Jersey plates are made from a single piece of yarn held above the cloth. A single woven material that is popular because it is stretchable and reasonably priced is also soft and stretchable.

Silk Fabric: Silk is a soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and convenient fabric for the bedroom. It adds shine, luster, and smoothness to your bed and gives a luxurious sense of bed linen, easy to spread, more sustainable than cotton, expensive, and requires maintenance. When selecting the silk plates, ensure that you select the royal item for your bedding. A higher count means that the tissue is more sustainable, and the fabric is luxurious and suitable for its strengths.

Why Egyptian cotton?

These characteristics of Egyptian cotton are given below for your convenience;

Thread size: The fiber length, or staple length, of Egyptian cotton, is exceptionally long and strong, as was previously mentioned. The environment in Egypt is hot and dry, which is ideal for the plant's growth.

The length of the cotton fiber controls how long and most importantly how fine fiber may be spun. Egyptian cotton is quite long, but it doesn't lose strength. Egyptian cotton is especially robust and yet very fine yarn. One of the finest bed linen fabrics is Egyptian cotton, which has a thread count of 1000.

Strong absorption: Cotton is renowned for its prodigious capacity to absorb moisture. The plant's seed hairs are used to make cotton, which is frequently utilized in the fashion sector. Without feeling damp or drenched, the fiber can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. Other fabrics typically absorb moisture at a rate of 7–10% of their weight. This is only one of cotton's many unique characteristics.

Naturally, Egyptian cotton has a high absorption rate. When it comes to producing high-quality bed linen, this absorbency is particularly crucial. Sweat should be able to be absorbed by the bed linens so that it doesn't collect under the duvet and we do not even wake up in the middle of the night drenched in it.

Harvested Manually: Machines that harvest cotton harm the plant and cause extra pollutants. In contrast, Egyptian cotton is hand-picked to ensure that the fibers are completely protected and exposed to the least amount of dirt.

Buying Guide

In the UK, the Egyptian cotton Fitted Sheets from Cotton Comfort Bedding will undoubtedly be the ideal choice if you're looking for the best set for your bedding.

  • They are available to their customers 24/7 and reply quickly across all of their contact platforms.
  • On every item, they offer free delivery to their consumers. They also promise delivery within 48 hours after receiving an order from their website.
  • Their generous return and refund policy enable any client to return a purchase for a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase.
  • They provide secure payment methods to prevent online fraud.

Sizing Details

Beyond materials and colors, the most crucial aspect of purchasing bed linens for a new mattress is getting the sizing correct. Even though you're buying queen sheets for a queen bed, they might not fit as well as you anticipated because bed sheets come in a few somewhat different sizes depending on the manufacturer. While it's acceptable for your comforter and flat sheet to be a few inches out, your fitted sheet needs to fit your mattress properly to prevent bunching or falling off.

The most popular bed sheet sizes are covered in this article, along with instructions on how to measure your bed for correctly sized linens.



90×190+25 cm


122×190+25 cm 


137×190+25 cm


152×200+25 cm


180×200+20 cm


50 x 75cm


The strongest and longest fibers are found in Egyptian cotton, measuring 1 1/2 inches. An identical cultivar called Pima, derived from Egyptian cotton, has been created by American farmers. 100% Egyptian or Pima cotton bed linens endure longer than other types because they never pill.

The thread count of the best sheets is normally between 200 and 400. Lower than 180 thread counts typically have a coarser texture. Any number above 400 is probably an exaggerated figure caused by a multi-ply thread, so you’ll pay more for a sheet that doesn’t genuinely feel softer.

Some people will continue to use flat sheets religiously, while others won’t find them necessary as long as they have a duvet or blanket for warmth. And, as you’ve just seen, if you’ve mastered the flat sheet swap, a fitted sheet might not even be necessary.

Typically, sheets should be washed once each week. You might extend this to once every two weeks or so if you do not even sleep on your mattress every night.

Along with cotton comfort bedding, the fitted sheets are available on Amazon, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Zine, Zara, Matalan, and Zinus stores at affordable prices.

Put a sheet underneath the fitted one. Lack of friction could cause bedding to slip about, especially when made of softer materials like Egyptian Cotton or Silk.

Try applying the top corners first, using rug corners, sheet suspenders, stretchy bands, attaching safety pins, zipping the sheets, and more.


If you've slept on uncomfortable, mediocre bedding your entire life, you have no idea what you're missing. You will soon wonder how you ever managed without luxurious and cozy Egyptian cotton bedding once you treat yourself to some. Cotton comfort bedding is providing you with the best Egyptian cotton fitted sheets for your bedroom in amazing hues like Yellow, Grey, Green, Gold, and many more.  Egyptian cotton has established itself as one of the top sleeping materials, so it's understandable why so many consumers are racing to buy it. If you're still on the fence, go ahead and give it a try. We promise that you won't regret it and that you won't ever settle for ordinary cotton once more.