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Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases- Blue

Egyptian cotton oxford Pillowcases Blue

Getting a good night’s sleep enables you to awaken rested and prepared to take on the day. That’s why Cotton comfort bedding is offering the Egyptian cotton oxford pillowcases in wide variety and vibrant colors like navy blue, grey, indigo and purple. Unbelievably, the types of pillowcases you use on your bed have an impact on how well you sleep. You can fall asleep and remain asleep with the right pillowcases. Additionally, they won’t interfere with the deeper stages of sleep that the body uses to repair and restore itself during the night.

In this post, we’ll examine the best sorts of pillowcases to buy in order to enjoy the best possible sleep.

Impact on Sleep

The annual cost of sleep research is in the millions. These are intended to find out what things people can do to sleep better and wake up feeling more rested.

It turns out that both objectives are greatly aided by the chilly air in your chamber. According to the Sleep Foundation, sleeping in a room that is heated to 65 degrees Celsius will almost certainly result in greater sleep.

Heat from your head is absorbed by your pillow. possibly less than common myths claim (many were raised to believe we lose 40 percent of our body heat throughout the head). However, it’s still a considerable sum. If you sleep on a pillow that retains heat, the warmth is transferred back to your skin’s surface.

Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases Duck Egg color
Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases
Egyptian cotton housewife pillowcases
Egyptian Cotton Housewife Pillowcases
Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases
Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases

Types of Pillowcases

There are two categories of pillowcases;

Oxford pillowcases: Another typical type of pillowcase is the Oxford. The thick border that runs the length of the sides makes this pillowcase distinctive. These resemble the sham pillows that will be covered later. Compared to other pillowcases, these are a little fancier.

Standard and oxford pillowcases are typically included in a pair since they can be combined to make a complete set. There are several different sizes of the oxford pillowcase, including king, queen, full, and twin.

Housewife pillowcases: The typical pillowcase that people are familiar with is also called as the housewife pillowcase. This style of pillowcase features a flap inside to cover the vent on one of the ends so that the cushion is completely enclosed.

The standard for napping pillows is the housewife pillowcase, which is often included with bedding ensembles. They are available in King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes. See here for our description of pillow sizes.

Fabric Choice

Natural: Natural textiles are supple and incredibly absorbent, like cotton, flannel, and linen. For instance, cotton has the capacity to hold onto and absorb water up to 27 times its weight. This is so because cellulose, a hydrophilic (water-loving) carbohydrate, makes up the majority of cotton.

While extremely absorbent materials are useful for bath towels, these organic materials might not be the best choices for bedding. While we sleep, our bodies naturally lose moisture and oils, which get absorbed into our pillowcases. Because of the friction it creates and the way our skin adheres to the fabric, creases and eventually new lines and wrinkles may appear. Moreover, a buildup of sweat and oil in the material can contribute to or aggravate acne.

Silk and Satin: The silkworm provides the natural protein fiber known as silk. It is a thin, extremely slippery cloth that is high maintenance and not often aesthetically pleasing.

The idea that satin is a silk-based fabric is a prevalent one. In reality, satin is a weave in which the weft fibers only sometimes catch and loop the warp threads. While some satin weaves are made using silk, nylon or polyester are more frequently used to make satin.

Synthetic: Natural materials absorb water far more readily than synthetic fabrics, such nylon and polyester (also known as microfiber). These textiles have a propensity to wick moisture and can even do so excessively, which might result in dry skin and hair.

Buying Guide

There is a lovely selection of Egyptian Cotton oxford pillowcases available for cotton comfort bedding. It is a UK-based business that has been providing customers with its top-selling pillowcases for bedding for a long time.

  • If a customer is displeased with an item, they can return it or get a refund within 30 days thanks to our extremely clear refund or return policy.
  • After an order is placed on their website, we guarantee delivery within 48 hours.
  • We have a very clear return policy that allows customers to return products for a refund within 30 days if they are unhappy with them.

Before using the goods, kindly review the washing directions. As evidence of the new product and purchasing from the right retailer, pillowcases come with the brand logo.

Sizing Details

The size of an Egyptian cotton oxford pillowcase is quite important when purchasing online. Following the material selection, take into account the size of your pillowcases. Naturally, if you've already bought pillows, you'll want to make sure to get the right size. It's always a good idea to double-check since, believe us, it may be tricky. However, if you're changing your linens, which should also include frequent pillow replacements, now is a wonderful opportunity to consider the size of the pillows you'll be using on your bed. Pillowcases can be found in King, Queen, and XL Twin sizes everywhere in the world.

For both housewife and oxford pillowcases, cotton comfort bedding offers a single-size pillow case.

50*57CM is the size of the pillow protector.


The drawbacks of cotton pillowcases include its propensity to shrink and wrinkle after washing. Although it is pricey, many people believe Egyptian cotton to be the greatest and softest in the world. Just loosely woven cotton is what flannel is, yet it’s warmer and softer.

1 yard, One Standard size pillowcases may typically be made out of 1 yard of fabric. Go for 2 yards if you’re creating two pillowcases, and add one yard at a time if you’re making more. The width of the fabric will have some bearing on this. You might be able to use less yards if the fabric is really wide.


Three factors have been gathered for you to think about while purchasing your next set of pillowcases.

First, fabric. Pillowcases are composed of a wide variety of textiles, both natural and synthetic, much like sheets are. After choosing your pillowcase fabric, you should consider the size of your pillowcases, shams, and closures.

Eight hours divided by seven days is equal to 56 hours of use; even if you don’t perspire or have oily hair, that much ‘wear’ justifies washing the sheets in the same load as the rest of the bedding.


Now that you've chosen the right size and material, it's time to think about the overall appearance. Play around with a range of attractive pillowcases that match your bed linens to create a distinctive and opulent bedroom. Be imaginative while deciding on the color and pattern for your pillowcase. Make sure you appreciate the pillowcase you buy because you probably won't buy a new one every week.

You should start with our choices when buying pillowcases. The best material for pillowcases nearby in the UK is cotton comfort bedding. Other vendors offer Egyptian cotton housewife pillowcases with our business. Zgallarie, Costco, Vintage, dupe, and care $ sheets are among many that have drawn attention.