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Every portion of a home has its beauty. But the main purpose of a relaxant is served by our Bedroom. Again, I would say that in a single bedroom, we keep an eye on multiple factors to make our room comfortable to spend time there. Most importantly, we use to take rest in our bedroom. So, it’s obvious fact that our bedding material must be of good quality and must look classy.

In this busy routine, where the working hours are more extended than the relaxing hours, we need a peaceful sleep after a busy day. In a bedroom, what else can make the atmosphere peaceful than a comfortable and classy fabric of bedding mattress and cozy Duvet cover? Most people like cotton for bedding because it is soft and breathable. For better sleep, I always add quality to my bedroom by using the Egyptian cotton Duvet covers by Cotton Comfort Bedding.

Duvets are protected by duvet covers. A soft, flat blanket known as a duvet is constructed of materials like woolen, feathers, cotton, microfiber, polyester, and silk. An easy way to close a duvet cover is with zippers, snaps, or buttons. A duvet cover is just a casing that wraps around your duvet. Your duvet is shielded by duvet covers from tears, dust, and stains. Additionally offering comfort diversity is the duvet cover material.

To serve this purpose there are several options in a market near you or in the online world. To select some light color bedding material is always a good option for a nicer overall look of a bedroom. Mostly I prefer white color Duvet sheets. The reason behind this color scheme is that white is a color of peace. So, I feel peaceful in my bedroom having the white color scheme.

Duvet Cover white
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Silver
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
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Egyptian Cotton

Whenever I go shopping a bedding material, I always see people demanding Egyptian Cotton stuff especially when they needed pillow covers or Duvet covers. What makes this category of cotton so different and demandable? Let’s have a look at some features of Egyptian cotton fabric.

Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, which ensures the purest standards. In contrast to mechanical picking, hand picking does not put any stress on the strands, leaving them intact and straight. Egyptian cotton is perhaps the finest cotton there in the world as a result of all these features. It comes in many sub-qualities. The way by which a fabric is woven also affects the quality of fabric. In the UK we talk about two main woven styles of Egyptian cotton. One is Percale and the second one is Satin.

The Percale is the most simplistic weave, made of plain cotton. Percale has a thread count greater than 200 and is woven using the fundamental crisscross pattern (one-over, one-under). It usually has a crisper, cooler feel, like a traditional button-down shirt. The percale Duvet cover can be the best choice for people who like the simple bedding ware designs for them.

Contrarily, the Satin weave’s extra-long staples give the fabric a remarkably smooth texture. The satin weave structure is used to provide the material with a glossy and silkier feel. However, this does not imply that satin is superior to percale as each offers a distinct feel.

Recently, I bought one of the Egyptian Cotton Satin Weave Duvet Cover in light grey color from Cotton Comfort Bedding right away after discovering the difference in feel and it came out like the best investment on your comfy bedding ware. The soft feel of the woven cotton gives me a chance to sleep more peacefully.

What is thread count and why does it matter?

A thread count of a fabric is very important to describe the softness and finishing of that fabric. The number of threads per square inch, both horizontally and vertically, is referred to as thread count.

Most commonly it is proven that the higher the thread count of fabric leads to the softer fabric no matter how many times you wash the sheet it will stay fresh and soft due to the perfect range of thread counts in them. Good sheets often fall between 200 and 800, however, occasionally you’ll find numbers over 1,000 thread count.

But in the bedding industry, there exist a school of thought who believes that with the use of chemicals and by mechanical finishing we can get the perfect soft fabric even with low thread counts. Nowadays the advancement in mechanical techniques and the use of appropriate chemicals can claim the best fabric making with smart work instead of relying on the thread counts of fabric. But contrary to this opinion, I believe that there must b an equal proportion of thread count as well. A very low range of thread count may lose the finishing of fabric after multiple washes.

Cotton comfort bedding is offering the perfect proportion of 400 thread counts in its Duvet covers with 100% cotton which is the perfect blend of technical and mechanical finishing. I used to buy the 1000 thread count or 600 thread count Duvet covers before I had the proper knowledge of the fabric chemistry. But now I am a regular customer of Cotton comfort bedding`s Duvet covers with 400 thread count which are pocket friendly and gave me the same smoothness as was given by 600 thread counts. Their grey variations of bedding and covers are my favorite picks for daily life use.

Variations available on Cotton Comfort Bedding

No, it’s a wrong perception that the bedding stuff is so boring to shop as it comes in minimal designs and colors. Cotton comfort bedding is offering the perfect variations in detailing of their Duvet covers which are equally suitable for normal days’ use and on occasions as well.

Their first category comes under a plain duvet cover made up of Egyptian cotton. Multiple ranges of sizes are available like single, double, and king sizes. There are many lovely shades in this article that helps my bedroom look super graceful. In this category, there is no motive or lacing. In the autumn season, I used their teal color Duvet cover set and that sparked my bedroom in its best way.

The second category gives us the design of the Pintuck Duvet cover set. If you are a UK resident, you cannot ignore the royalty and grace that comes with pintuck designs. This pattern is available in a variety of colors and all main sizes, single, double, and king sizes. This kind of intricacy on the fabric of the bedding gives it a fancy appearance, but trust me when I used this set on my bed, I received a lot of positive feedback from friends and relatives. This product is the greatest option for your home if you just use it sometimes. It is stylish and comfortable in use.

The third variation comes under the Deep frilled Egyptian cotton duvet cover set. It is meant to portray the atmosphere of a room in an enchanting palace. The frilled detailing on this set is beyond explanation and a person may consider this pattern to be a must-have in one’s room due to the intricate layering and deep frills. In the UK, I have to place this frilled item on my bed on certain occasions to brighten the ambiance, and every time I get the best response.

Buying guide

Undoubtedly, if you are looking for the pocket-friendly Duvet cover set with the best fabric material then the Egyptian cotton Duvet covers by Cotton Comfort Bedding will be the smartest option.

  • They respond fast on all of their communication channels and are accessible to their customers around the clock.
  • On every item, they offer free delivery to their consumers. Additionally, they guarantee delivery under 48 hours of placing an order on their website.
  • Their return or refund policy is quite flexible, allowing any customer to return a purchase within 30 days for a full refund.
  • To avoid online fraud, they offer safe payment options.


If you roam around the online world, various stores are offering quality duvet sets in a wide variety. As per my recommendations, a buyer must get educate himself to get the best-suited option at a smart price. Before clicking add to cart button you must be confident in the following details;

I advise acquiring a cotton duvet cover with a thread count of 300 to 400, preferably made of long-staple cotton.

If there aren’t enough corner ties to secure the duvet covers, then it will get the unwelcome ability to move around your comforter. All of our varieties of Egyptian Cotton duvet covers have corner ties. The majority of the time, the bottom of Duvet cases has hooks, zippers, or ties.

Most duvet covers, made primarily of 100% cotton, are simple to clean in your home washing machine. The care directions should always be read carefully, nevertheless. It could be necessary to dry clean covers made of silk and other sensitive fabrics. My regular bedding is often washed in the washing machine at home.

This Egyptian Cotton duvet cover was designed to be cool for summer and warm for winter,” thus it was essentially made for someone like me! which complements my comforter and is about as soft as you can imagine.


How durable are Egyptian cotton sheets?

Egyptian cotton and bamboo bedding are both renowned for their superior quality. Due to the lengthy fibers found in both bamboo and cotton plants, these sheets have been reported to survive up to 15 years.

Is the 1500 thread count warm and comfortable?

Generally speaking, the greater the thread count, the softer the sheet is and the more probably it is to wear well over time. Good sheets often fall between 200 and 800, however, occasionally you'll find numbers over 1,000.

Should the size of your duvet and cover be the same?

The size of your bed and linens should match the size of your duvet cover. Duvet covers are slip-on covers that go over a blanket or duvet to help shield the surface from stains and damage. Additionally, they stop feathers from penetrating the comforter.

What is the meaning of tog?

The tog, also referred to as thermal resistance, is a unitary measurement of thermal insurance. It is frequently cited in the textile business and can be found on items like duvets and carpet underlay areas.

Should Egyptian cotton Duvet covers be washed before use?

Egyptian cotton Duvet covers should never be cleaned with other items. Clothing accessories like zippers, buttons, and hooks have the potential to rip and shred sheets throughout the washing process. You might wash the sheets separately to avoid the washing from overloading and to help with the rinsing cycles, especially if they are huge in size.


A duvet cover, a piece of linen that serves to shield a comforter, will be of great use to most sleepers. It protects your comforter from dirt, pet hair, stains, and other contaminants. With side ties and often a hook or zip closure, a duvet cover holds your coverage in place. For families including dogs and young children, this feature is especially useful because it makes it easy to wash the cover more frequently than you would a large blanket. When utilizing a duvet cover, you can quickly change the style and style of your bedding by swapping out the shield for one in a new color or pattern.

Egyptian cotton duvet covers are simply the best duvet sheets available. Although it doesn’t have to be expensive, this cotton is among the highest-quality textiles in terms of comfort and feel. It’s crucial to know where to go and how to search for your next duvet cover so that you can get what you want.

Cotton Comfort Bedding is serving people with stylish and comfortable bedding wares. I like their Egyptian cotton duvet Covers the most. But still, before buying anything online it’s a golden tip that is to make sure to read reviews from people who have purchased the product and used it themselves. And to make sure you get the most use out of your duvet covers, adhere to the provided care instructions.

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