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Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover 400 Thread Count sky Navy Blue


The duvet can sometimes make a difference between a comfortable sleep and a restless one. An uninterrupted night’s sleep can be achieved or broken by the selection of the duvet filling and duvet cover. For sleep lovers like me, the Egyptian cotton duvet cover is one of the must-haves. If you pick the wrong material, you can find yourself shivering or dripping with sweat in the wee hours while begging for your alarm for a few more hours. Why end up settling for less when bedding is the only product where you can have it all?

Indeed, every portion of a home has its importance but the comfort and your sleep pattern are knotted with a bedroom. For me, a peaceful night’s sleep has no match. That thought compels me to choose best of the bedding material. For me, the fulfillment of a comfortable Duvet on my mattress is one and done thing. For some people, there’s no duvet cover to bother with when using a comforter, duvets can provide far more versatility, especially in terms of style.

Bedding can involve several things like from mattresses to pillows, bedspreads, and comforters. In contrast, a duvet cover over a comforter is more like a pillowcase over a pillow. It serves as a barrier between you and the duvet and spares you from washing the duvet. A duvet cover is used to add a decorative touch and make the bedroom look pleasant. You may easily modify the appearance of your bedding because duvet covers are changeable.

To satisfy my level of comfort, I always prefer an Egyptian cotton duvet cover for my Dorma. To pursue the style and color I usually prefer whites in summers and Navy blue is my winter favorite in the Duvet cover category. As dark colors like Black and blue gives the feeling of warmth in winter and cannot be dusty so easily.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Lilac
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Silver
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Beige

Importance of Thread Count in Egyptian cotton

The term "thread count" describes how many threads are used to weave 1 square inch of fabric. This amount is dependent on the quantity of both vertical and horizontal threads. For instance, 65 threads woven lengthwise and 65 threads woven vertically result in 130 thread count muslin. This produces a little harsh feeling, although similar materials are found useful in the institutional and healthcare industries.

Up to a point, thread count seems to be a true measure of sheet quality, although high thread counts do not always reflect high quality. You may find high-quality sheets anywhere between 100 and 500 thread counts. A well-made 300 thread count sheet and a 500 thread count sheet would not feel all that different from one another.

Cotton comfort bedding is using a thread count ranging from 400 to 600 in their bedding set which is highly acceptable and appreciable for home and hotel collection. That is why their Egyptian cotton Duvet cover set speaks positively about quality.

The type of material selected also has an impact on the quality of sheets. Egyptian cotton, which has longer cotton fibers, may be woven into higher-quality threads to create fabric with a finer texture. Short fiber cotton tends to pill and break loose from the weave. The texture of a duvet with pilling fibers is not as smooth.

Variations Available on Cotton Comfort Bedding

Every human being is born with different tastes and choices. Some people like simple bedding designs while others like detailing on fabric or floral designs to fulfill their need for Dorma.

Cotton comfort bedding is offering a wide range of Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers equally suitable for all sectors. Their plain Duvet covers are best for daily life use while the pintuck and frilled designs would be suitable for formal events and royal bedding that comes in the hotel collection as well.

The plain duvet cover is available in a wide variety of colors that are perfectly designed for normal daily life use. This variation is child and pet-friendly too. I like the Navy-blue color because this provides me with a soothing effect when I enter my bedroom.

The second category comes under Pintuck design. This design is my favorite that provides a great look to my bedroom with detailing of pintucks all over the duvet cover. I often use this article in a Red hue to accomplish the royal texture of my bedroom.

Last but not least is the Frilled duvet cover available on cotton comfort bedding. This article makes your living area alive with the detailing of beautiful frills that also serve as the decoration piece for your home. A 100% perfect thing to buy for your special occasions. I like this enchanting piece in the Black color that meets my princely desires..

Comparison of variations

Plain Duvet Cover

Pintuck Duvet Cover

Frilled Duvet Cover

Buying Guide

In Argos areas, people are more educated about buying options. Cotton comfort bedding is offering duvet covers at the sale price. Here are the reasons to choose this brand for shopping for your bedding ware.

  • They are available to their customers 24/7 and reply quickly across all of their contact platforms.
  • They provide their customers with free shipping on every purchase. They also promise delivery within 48 hours after receiving an order from their website.
  • Their easy return and refund policy enable any client to return a purchase for a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase.

Sizing details

On every buy, I keep on checking the measurements before placing an order as it's always helpful for me to avoid any exchange or return. Sizing details of the Egyptian Cotton Duvet cover including all variations are mentioned in the table below.

Single Duvet Cover

Double Duvet Cover

King Duvet Cover


There is a wide variety of Duvet covers in the market. Carefully read the following recommendations before buying the Egyptian cotton duvet cover.

  • The fabric of the duvet cover is available in many varieties but instead of the synthetic one, I prefer to choose the pure cotton fabric which is comfortable and breathable too.
  • Thread count is another main factor after fabric stuff. Choose the right thread count for your bedding, material as it will provide softness and will prolong the life of a fabric. I recommend using neither so low nor very high thread count for your daily bedding use. For me, a thread count ranging from 300 to 600 is more than enough to serve your purpose.
  • Must choose a duvet cover with bottom detailing of Zipper, hooks, or corner ties. It will give you ease in handling your comforter and duvet cover side by side by providing the option of No Slip.
  • This duvet cover's strange fact is that it is created to be "cool for summer and toasty for winter," which means that it was practically built for someone just like me! Which is about as fluffy as you could imagine and goes great with my comforter.


Typically, the term “Egyptian cotton” refers to the extra-long staple (ELS) cotton cultivated in that country. The extra-long cotton fibers in Egypt are classified as ELS fibers because of the country’s environment.

For Egyptian cotton sheets, a thread count of between 400 and 700 is often ideal. Low thread count high-quality choices are often more affordable and frequently more comfortable. Customers should examine sheets carefully to ensure the thread count listed.

When slightly damp, Egyptian Cotton is the simplest to iron. Avoid using a drying cycle for your cotton and take it out of the dryer as quickly as it is finished. The more time you keep it inside, the further crease will form and become more difficult to remove

Duvet covers are made to be exchanged out, making it simple to redecorate your bed without purchasing a brand-new comforter set. They can also be used with comforters, but make sure to check the sizing twice. Although some people believe sheets are unneeded when using a duvet cover, sheets are still an option.

Without the insert, can use a duvet cover to cover yourself by spreading it out on your bed like a flat sheet. When your duvet isn’t used as much, this might assist to extend its lifespan. The duvet cover works as the ideal replacement because it has several uses.

An item of fabric called a Twin Duvet Cover is placed on top of a duvet to protect it from dirt and damage. A duvet should fit tightly inside a duvet cover.

Pintucks are tiny tucks made with a pintuck foot and a dual needle. They can be created with only a straight stitch, but it is quite challenging to do so when the item is so little.


Sleep is crucial for the soul, and your bedding must have a duvet cover. The finest duvet covers are made up of cotton because they can regulate your body temperature and keep you both warm and cool. Due to its availability in a luxurious collection, duvet covers also provide you the option to play with style and color and show your distinct character.

No matter if you get the simple or floral, the duvet covers are the must-have article for your bedding. A full night's sleep is achieved when your bedding sounds comfortable to you. To make it comfortable the cotton comfort bedding is giving you a wide range of bedding ware at a very reasonable sale price.

Considering that duvets are intended to be placed inside of covers, these coverings are perfect for embellishing and protecting your simple white blanket. You may prevent the buildup of germs, dust, and dirt by selecting a hygienic cover that is easy to wash to keep your comforter clean.

In metropolitan cities or Argo's areas the shopping range is wider than the small areas and due to this reason bedding range mostly sell widely in UK main cities. Our potential buyers like to order the duvet covers most. The best available duvet covers are made up of Egyptian cotton. This fabric is one of the best fabrics in terms of reliability and feel. To get your new duvet cover, you must know where to look and how to search.

Cotton Comfort Bedding offers consumers trendy and comfy bedding products. These Egyptian cotton duvet covers are what I prefer the most. However, it's still better to check reviews from customers who have bought and tried the product before making any online purchases. It is advised to read the safety measures before using any product.