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Egyptian Cotton Duck Egg Duvet Cover


A very common saying is “To do your best, you need to rest”. It is an obvious thing that a human body need rest after working hours. When we plan to rest, the first impression came to our mind is our home, especially our bedroom. So, a comfortable bed including its accessories like mattress, pillows, comforter, and Duvet supposed to be the relaxant pill for a tired person.

Every component of the bed should be comfortable for better sleep but as per my choice, your duvet cover must be of good quality. That’s why I prefer to have an Egyptian cotton Duvet cover from Cotton Comfort Bedding as my relaxant. Its quality is very fine and soothing. you cannot switch to another brand after using this article once because it is cozy and pocket friendly too.

When we roam around the online world, we see that mostly damask wares come in very light colors. But in reality, color is a power that directly influences your personality. As far as my choice is concerned, I like all shades around me. It’s a clear indicator that my bedding linens are comprised of light as well as dark hues. In winters I prefer Emerald Green, Brown, and dark shades while in summers I do like creamy smooth colors like Duck egg and pink for my Bedding scheme.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Lilac
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Silver
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Beige

Important features of Egyptian Cotton

True Egyptian cotton is a very distinctive variety of cotton. The Nile delta region of Egypt, with its temperate climate and fertile soils, is the only location where it is cultivated, made, or sold. it is usually referred to as super long-staple organic cotton. Some important points which the Egyptian cotton was used massively in bed linens are as follows:

  • It is very durable and soft and pure.
  • Best for home as well as hotel collection.
  • Very rare chance to produce lint on it.
  • With every wash, it becomes softer and cozier for Damask ware.
  • A very lightweight fabric as compared to short-staple organic fabric.
  • It is refreshing in summers and warm in winters.
  • This cotton can be made in vibrant colors like pink, brown, emerald green, and duck egg colors which will not fade easily.
  • Can be created in non-iron texture.

Thread Count Details:

The number of threads in a square inch is known as the thread count, and generally speaking, the greater the thread count, the more luxurious, dense, and velvety the fabric will feel. Thread count alone does not always tell the entire story because the quality of the yarn is equally crucial to how the product feels.

120-180 Thread Count:  This range is best suited for rentals and basic household use, such as that which is frequently seen in hospitals, and is undoubtedly acceptable for a spare room and other applications requiring more basic materials.

200 threads per inch: An incredibly cool percale cotton and light, typically worn in the summer. This product, which can be available in many hotels, is perfect for contract or home use where cool, crisp bed linen is required within a specific budget.

400 thread count: A soft Egyptian cotton that is more substantial than the 200 counts and preferred for its cool feel and durability. You might anticipate finding this product on hotel mattresses from well-known chains globally.

600 Thread Count: The employment of compressed air technology during the weaving process has made it feasible to reach the exclusive end of quality at this point. It is the most popular Luxury cotton fabric in our upper range and is a lovely glossy, homogeneous, soft, and very smooth fabric.

800–1000 Thread Count: With an even greater brilliance and a richer it is the peak of luxury and pure pleasure. Even after many, many years, this bed linen will continue to be admired for its extraordinarily strong yet silky weave.

Duvet Cover Variations:

A Duvet cover is like a dress for your comforter. Yes, it works like a protection shield for your comforter and saves it from dust and stains. When we talk about Egyptian cotton duvet cover, we assume how design and detailing could be added to a Duvet cover? Cotton Comfort Bedding makes it possible by providing three types of variations in the Duvet cover. As in the UK, the patterned detailing on a piece of fabric is a symbol of royalty+.

A useful comparison of these three categories is given below;

Comparison of variations

Plain Duvet Cover

Pintuck Duvet Cover

Frilled Duvet Cover

Buying Guide

Cotton comfort bedding is handling a very trustworthy and pure customer dealing in the UK for selling bedding wares. Just take a look at our buying guide before ordering any product.

  • We offer free delivery on every order
  • We are accessible to our consumers around the clock and respond to all of their contact requests promptly.
  • Additionally, we guarantee delivery after receiving an order from their website within 48 hours.
  • We offer safe payment methods to prevent online fraud.
  • We have an easy return and refund policy that allows any customer to return an item for a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase.

Sizing details

I usually double-check the measurements before ordering anything online since it helps me to prevent the exchange or return of anything. The table given below lists the dimensions of the Egyptian Cotton Duvet cover for all versions.

Single Duvet Cover

Double Duvet Cover

King Duvet Cover

Other Brands with Similar products:

No doubt, the online market is now flooded with a lot of buying options. Via this informational content, I want to make you educate with other brands that are also selling good quality duvet cover sheets.

  • Marks & Spencer is an agency brand that owns a lot of other brands inside it. They offer a wide range of bedding varieties. Marks & Spencer is usually abbreviated as M&S.
  • Belledorm is another store offering the damask range. Belledorm is a family-owned company which is established 45 years ago. The master at giving good quality bedspreads.
  • Debenhams is another UK-based online store that is aimed to sell fashion and bedclothes.
  • IKEA is a renowned brand that is Swedish-based and works in multiple areas. IKEA is famous for its affordable home accessories. It could be a good option for shopping if you want to do large-scale shopping for your home.
  • EIKEI group is an online market available on Amazon too for selling bedding ware. EIKEI is famous for its colored luxury collection of bedding.

Checklist before Buying a Duvet Cover:

The market offers a huge selection of duvet covers. Read the following guidelines very carefully before purchasing the Egyptian cotton duvet cover.

  • There are many different types of duvet cover fabric available, but I prefer to go with the organic cotton fabric because it is soft and breathable rather than the synthetic one.
  • After fabric type, thread count is another important factor. Select bedding with the appropriate thread count to increase the softness and lifespan of the fabric. Instead of using bedding with a thread count that is either low or too high, I believe that a thread count of between 400 and 600 will be more than your needs.
  • You must select a duvet cover with zipper closure, hooks, or cover clips on the bottom. Offering the option of cover clips and zipper closure, will make handling of your comforter and duvet cover side by side simpler. 
  • Must check the trademark for Egyptian cotton is a white cotton plant enclosed in a dark triangle that represents an Egyptian pyramid.
  • The working women are recommended to use the non-iron stuff to save their precious time.
  • The peculiar thing about this duvet cover is that it was designed to be "cool for summer and warm for winter" which complements my comforter and is about as soft as you can imagine.


Egyptian cotton requires no ironing because it is so absorbent, it is excellent for dyeing, giving you a wide range of color combinations. Egyptian cotton is especially well suited for towels because of its durability and absorptivity. They are incredibly comfortable, fluffy, and light.

Egyptian cotton and bamboo bedding are both renowned for their superior quality. Due to the lengthy fibers found in both bamboo and cotton plants, these sheets have been reported to survive up to 15 years.

For Egyptian cotton sheets, a thread count of between 400 and 700 is often ideal. Low thread count high-quality choices are often more affordable and frequently more comfortable. Customers should examine sheets carefully to ensure the thread count listed (which should be between 600 and 800) is accurate.

Egypt’s special environment makes for ideal growing circumstances for cotton plants, resulting in super-fine and lengthy yarn. Egyptian cotton has long been recognized as the softest and most resilient type of cotton.

A decent quality sheet should have at least 200 threads per inch, which is the standard thread count for cotton sheets. Although sheets with a higher thread count might range from 300 to 800 and beyond, Egyptian cotton, sateen, and bamboo sheets typically have a thread count of 300 to 500.

Purchase a duvet that is at least 12 inches longer and 16 inches wider than your bed as a general rule. You might want to upsize even more if you have a spouse who frequently steals the sheets and especially deep mattresses, or if you use a fluffy mattress pad.

Sateen and percale sheets may offer advantages that appeal to some sleepers and disadvantages that may turn them away. Compared to sateen, which is velvety, heavier, and wrinkle-resistant, percale is lightweight, crisp, and durable.


You must have an Egyptian Cotton duvet Cover on your bedding because sleep is essential for the spirit. Cotton-made duvet covers are best because they can regulate body temperature and keep you warm and cool. Duvet covers provide you the possibility to experiment with style and color and reveal your personality because they are offered in a lot of luxury assortments.

Egyptian cotton duvet covers are a necessity for your bedroom, whether you choose a simple or floral design. You will get a full night's sleep if your bedding seems cozy to you. The Cotton Comfort Bedding offers you a large selection of bedding items at a very affordable sale price to make it comfortable.

Since duvets are meant to be tucked inside of covers, these coverings are ideal for enhancing and safeguarding your plain white blanket. To keep your comforter clean, you can avoid the accumulation of bacteria, dust, and dirt by choosing a hygienic cover that is simple to wash.

The shopping selection is bigger in metropolitan regions than it is in small towns, and as a result, bedding is a product that sells well in UK's major cities. The majority of orders from potential customers are for duvet covers. Cotton comfort Bedding is used to make the nicest duvet covers now in the market of UK. In terms of durability and feel, this cloth is among the best. You need to know how to look as well as how to search to find your new duvet cover.

Consumers can get stylish and comfortable bedding from Cotton Comfort Bedding. I adore these Egyptian cotton duvet covers. While making any online purchases, it is still advisable to read reviews left by people who have purchased and used the goods. Before purchasing any product, it is suggested that you read the safety instructions.