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Egyptian Cotton Lilac Duvet Cover


“The right bedding is a key to refreshing morning”. Your bedroom is the place in your home that tells the level of comfort you want. On the other hand, the bedding accessories show the taste you choose for your comfort hours. Resting and sleeping hours is the basic need of a human being. One must enjoy the relaxing hours by having a perfect combination of luxury and style in the bedroom. To get this perfect match, I always buy the Egyptian Cotton duvet covers from Cotton Comfort Bedding in the UK.

Duvet covers are a basic need of a comforter. I call it the most important bedding accessory because it is the one that saves your comforter from stains and dirt. It might be challenging to change the duvet cover again and again but trust me it is a worth buying item for your homeware. It comes in small, medium, and even in extra-large or twin xl size as well which is the best option for your duvet.

To get a plain or printed duvet cover is a personal choice but the good thing is it comes in several variations regarding colors. For me, the cream and natural color are the perfect to choose for these summers. Kids have their own exceptional choices, I used to opt for bright colors for their bedroom like orange and purple as these colors make them engaged and less likely to get dirty. The Egyptian cotton duvet covers provided by Cotton Comfort bedding have a wide variety of hues and detailing.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

While selecting your products, it’s important to recognize between those made of standard cotton and those made of Egyptian cotton because there are many various types of cotton available in the bedding sector.

As implied by the name, Egyptian cotton is solely cultivated in Egypt. Egypt’s special climate makes it the ideal place to grow and produce this excellent cotton. The river Nile, which also calls its home, maintains the surrounding farms and banks lush and ideal for cultivating Egyptian cotton. The “staples,” or cotton fibers that form the puffy cotton balls referred to as “bolls,” that grow on the plant, are longer, finer, softer, and more durable on Egyptian cotton plants than on other cotton plants.

Best Thread Count in Cotton:

Thread counts mostly ranging from 200 to 600 are available in our Egyptian cotton product lines. Vertical strands (warped threads) and horizontal strands make up all woven fabrics (weft threads). A fabric’s thread count is determined by how many of these threads are sewn into a single inch of cloth.

A general indicator of a fabric’s softness and feel is its thread count. Additionally, it is frequently employed in marketing to suggest that a particular product is of a greater standard than competing sheets.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Lilac
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Silver
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover- Navy-blue | best UK Bedding |
Duvet Cover Beige


The idea that buying bedding is uninteresting because the items have simple designs and colors is untrue. For both everyday use and special events, cotton comfort bedding offers the ideal variety in the detailing of their duvet covers. It is not recommended to get heavy designs. Try to pick plain and light printed ones for daily life use.  For formal use, people used to prefer jacquard material. It is up to your need as jacquard is something special or use in the occasional sphere. No, we don’t allow to choose the bedding with garnets jade, or even rayon fabric which is slippery to use.

Let’s have a look at the type of variety we are offering at Cotton comfort Bedding.

The plain category is a simple and decent one for normal life use. We have many color variations and all sizes. Previously we were having twin xl size as well but the current fashion of the UK allows us to make the range Extra large. In their plain category, I prefer to buy purple and orange bright colors.


Pintucks provides us the satisfaction of having a different Duvet cover for special days. This duvet is very nice to see and very easy to change. Medium size in pintuck design is perfect for queen bed size. I perfect light colors like white, cream, and natural for daily usage.

Frilled one the royal category. This category is perfect for occasional use and it looks very appealing while usage. The oxford duvet cover comes under the royal category in the UK. It is the best design and is easily changeable on your duvet and comforter.

For perfect comparison of these three variations can be seen in this table;

Comparison of variations

Plain Duvet Cover

Pintuck Duvet Cover

Frilled Duvet Cover

Buying Guide

Cotton comfort bedding is handling a very trustworthy and pure customer dealing in the UK for selling bedding wares. Just take a look at our buying guide before ordering any product.

  • We offer free delivery on every order
  • We are accessible to our consumers around the clock and respond to all of their contact requests promptly.
  • Additionally, we guarantee delivery after receiving an order from their website within 48 hours.
  • We offer safe payment methods to prevent online fraud.
  • We have an easy return and refund policy that allows any customer to return an item for a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase.


Sizing Details:

I always prefer to see the measurements and sizing details before ordering anything online since it helps a lot to prevent the exchange or return of any article. The table given below provides the sizing details of the Egyptian Cotton Duvet cover for all versions.

Single Duvet Cover

Double Duvet Cover

King Duvet Cover

About Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover:

Previously in the stone age, the fabric, warm or cool, was made from animal skin like mink and sheep. For getting a better finishing mink skin was supposed to be luxurious. After the revolution in the textile industry, different states started cultivating cotton seeds to get the best out of them.  Now Egyptian cotton is one of the leading oxford fabric channels. It forms in specific areas of Egypt.

Don’t dupe yourself if someone says it’s a universal cultivated item. The category always looks good without fancy garnet or jade stones if I talk about duvet covers made up of Egyptian cotton. It is because these ornaments on bedding stuff may hurt you. Cotton comfort bedding gives you a very lovely and subtle collection of bedding to get your desired items in one click.


The duvet is similar to a comforter, although it has a washable and interchangeable cover. Since duvets are typically not machine washable and would thus destroy the stuffing, duvet covers are recommended in his condition.  Simply stated, a duvet cover is a big pillowcase for your bedding.

The duvet is similar to a comforter, although it has a washable and interchangeable cover. Since duvets are typically not machine washable and would thus destroy the stuffing, duvet covers are recommended in his condition.  Simply stated, a duvet cover is a big pillowcase for your bedding.

Cooling duvets and comforters are more lightweight while staying warm. The ideal materials, like Tencel or merino wool, are those that are breathable and moisture-wicking. Modern synthetic textiles designed to discharge body heat or minimize perspiration buildup are used in some cooling comforters.

The size of your bed and furnishings should match the size of your duvet cover. Duvet covers are slip-on covers that go over a comforter or duvet to help shield the surface from stains and damage. Additionally, they stop feathers from penetrating the comforter.

The truth is that there is a limit to how much thread can be woven into a square inch, and thread counts often top out around 500. Anything up to this amount is a myth.

Egyptian cotton, renowned for its superior quality, is derived from that very same plant of Pima cotton: Gossypium Barbdense. The plant generates lengthier strands than other kinds of cotton because of the climate in Egypt.


Because sleep is crucial for both men and women, your bedding must be made of Egyptian Cotton. The greatest duvet covers are those made of cotton since they can control the temperature of the body and warm you up or cold. Due to their availability in a wide variety of luxurious collections, duvet covers give you the chance to play around with color and style while also showcasing your personality.

Regardless of whether you select a simple or printed design, Egyptian cotton duvet covers are a necessity for your bedroom. If your bedding feels comfortable to you, you'll enjoy a good night's rest. To make it comfortable, The Cotton Comfort Bedding provides you with a huge assortment of bedding products at a very low price.

These coverings are perfect for improving and safeguarding your basic white blanket because duvets are designed to be nestled inside of covers. By selecting a clean cover that is easy to wash, you can keep your comforter clean by preventing the buildup of germs, dirt, and dust.

Bedding is a commodity that does well in the UK's main cities since the purchasing options there are greater than in small communities.  The most elegant duvet covers currently available in the UK market are made for bedding by Egyptian cotton duvet cover. This fabric is one of the best when it comes to texture and durability.  In the USA, some brands are working well with targeted quality fabric. Among them Zgallarie, JCPenney, and Costco are famous ones.

Cotton Comfort Bedding offers consumers fashionable and cozy bedding. These Egyptian cotton duvet covers are wonderful. It is advisable to read product reviews written by customers before making any online purchases. It is advised recommended you check the safety advice before buying any goods and get safe from dupe.