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Your bed is a place that serves more than one purpose. You deserve to relax in your bedroom which must be welcoming after a hectic day. Additionally, selecting your bed’s finest accessories with care will certainly enhance your sleep. You’ll sleep longer and wake up feeling more rested if your bed is highly comfortable.

Each component of bedding serves a vital purpose. A firm mattress makes your body supported, plush pillows offer coziness, and soft sheets contribute to a restful night’s sleep. Similarly, the role of a Duvet cover is highly vital as it makes the bedroom properly presentable on one hand and serves as a protection shield for your comforters from a rough and tough external environment on the other.

I am a person obsessed with a good night’s sleep. For me, the compromise on the quality of my bedding fabric is a big NO. That is why I always prefer good quality material bedding ware for my room. As after a full day working hours, the night hours must be relaxant for me. That’s why I usually prefer to shop my bedding stuff from Cotton Comfort Bedding and like their Egyptian cotton duvet covers the most. They provide high-quality bedding material at a reasonable price.

Similar to a pillowcase, a duvet cover is a soft, flat cover or case that slides over the duvet or comforter. This detachable cover has an open end and is often closed with a button or zipper. To keep the duvet topper or comforter in position and prevent it from shifting, many covers additionally contain ties sewed into the inner.

This protecting layer is advantageous for both comforters and duvets. Your bedding will remain sanitized and protected from damage if you use a duvet cover. Additionally, by simply changing the cover, you can easily alter the appearance of your bed.

Types of Egyptian Cotton Weave

When we have to choose among the fabric of Duvet covers, we often came across the two terms. Percale and Satin weave. Weaving is reflecting the method by which that fabric is made. The Percale is a plain cotton weave with the simplest structure. On the other hand, the Satin weave is made up of extra-long-staple which gave a highly smooth texture to the fabric.

When I found the Egyptian Cotton Duvet covers in Satin weave on Cotton Comfort Bedding, I abruptly get one and found that masterpiece highly smooth and of luxurious quality.

Why does thread count matter?

The thread count of a fabric refers to the number of total threads used in horizontal and vertical positions per square foot. Ideally, the high rate of thread count reflects the high quality of fabric. As I can see in the market the normal thread count of fabric starts at 150 and goes up to the 800 range. I am having this Duvet cover set in 400 thread count which is far better than the local thread count range of 150 in the market. I found its stuff is of supreme quality with the finest fabric touch.

The fabric of these covers is strong enough and becomes softer with each wash because it is woven with a respectable 400 thread count. With the additional cotton and such a high thread count, there is no need to be concerned about pulled threads. They have a robust hue that won’t fade or pill with time, so they will serve you a long time.

Variation available On our store

Duvet covers came in several variations in color, size, and style. I can also see the various options here. The first one is a Plain Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover. This set comes in single, double, and king sizes. In this article, the number of graceful colors is there to assist my bedroom in its best way. There is no motive and detailing on the plain category. Personally, when I try the Lilac color Duvet set, I instantly become a fan of this color scheme. The grace in Lilac color glorifies my bedroom outlook and quality fabric provides the glossy grace to my bed.

The next option came under the category of the Egyptian Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover set. In the UK, the Pintuck design is a symbol of royalty and luxurious stuff when it comes to homeware essentials. This design also comes in a lot of beautiful colors in Single, double, and King sizes. This type of detailing on bedding fabric creates a fancy look but believe me when I use this set on my bed, it gave me a series of good comments from many friends & family circles. For occasional use, this item is the best choice for your home. Its comfy and eye-catching design.

While going through the styles, how can I forget to mention the most demanding Frilled Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover? It is designed to get the feel of a fairy castle room. The deep-down frills and detailing in the form of layers appeal to a person to take this design as a must-have in one`s room. Here in the UK, I must use this frilled article on my bed to cheer up the bedroom texture on special occasions.


The beauty of shopping for this set is that you can easily adjust by how big and also how many parts you need because they come in a range of sizes and package variations. Even when I tried the Queen size which perfectly fit on my mattress. Because there are so many vibrant, fade-resistant duvet cover colors to choose from, your bedroom never looks outdated or out of fashion. It won’t start to shrink or pill even after several piles of washing, and it gets softer with each wash.

These covers are ideal for styling and safeguarding your plain white comforter because duvets are designed to be placed inside of covers. By keeping your comforter clean with a hypoallergenic cover that is simple to wash, you can avoid the accumulation of allergens, dust, and grime by using this product.

After using this masterpiece, I can say that the correct cover material could increase comfort and make your sleep more pleasurable. Because well-made duvet covers will be more robust and also feel more luxurious naturally, I advise by using Egyptian cotton duvet covers you will get your bedroom goals.

A widespread perception in our society is that the heavier bedding article would be the warmer one. But nowadays this is just a myth. It’s about the internal filling of a fabric and cotton stuffing. If the quality of filling is good then a minimal layer of that filling will be warmer for you the same as the low-quality heavier bedding stuff.

Most commonly it is seen that the natural duvets are lighter than synthetically stuffed ones since they require little stuffing to attain the desired level of warmth thanks to their superior thermal qualities. For instance, some luxurious down duvets are practically weightless while still keeping you warmer than a hefty, expensive synthetic one.

Buying guide

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  • They are providing free shipping to their customers on all items. They also claim to deliver within 48 hours of proceeding order on their store.
  • Their refund or return policy is very smooth in that any buyer can return or refund the item within 30 days to his/her satisfaction.
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Right now, the market is already flooded with various designs. We advise keeping the following ideas in mind when you shop to assist you in making the best decision.
Duvets come in a wide variety of fabrics, just like most bedding. The most popular materials are usually cotton, nylon, or a mixture of the two. As opposed to covers made of synthetic fabrics, those made of natural fibers are more breathable. The airiness of your mattress should be complemented by your new duvet cover, which should also keep you cool at night.

The next main thing is the ratio of strands per square inch is referred to as a material’s thread count. The cloth has a fiber content of 200, for instance, if hundreds of threads are running vertically and 100 threads running widthwise. The softness and durability of the material are typically indicated by this number. A larger thread count won’t matter, though, if the fabric is constructed with short, inferior thread.

I recommend purchasing a duvet cover made up of cotton with a thread count of 300 to 400, ideally long-staple cotton. The comfort and quality of the fabric will also increase with a strong weave, such as Satin or Percale. Cotton Comfort bedding is offering high-quality bedding material made up of 400 thread count.
Inexpensive duvet covers have the unpleasant tendency to move around if there aren’t enough corner ties to keep them in place. Corner ties are present in all of our variants of Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers. Mostly, the bottom of duvet covers frequently includes buttons, zippers, or ties.

Most duvet covers can be washed easily in your domestic washing machine, especially those made of 100% cotton. But it’s always a good idea to carefully read the care instructions label. Silk and other delicate fabric covers might need to be dry cleaned. I usually wash my routine bedding at home in the washing machine.

This Egyptian Cotton duvet cover’s fun fact is that it was created to be “cool for summer and toasty for winter,” which means that it was practically built for someone just like me! Which is about as fluffy as you could imagine and goes great with my comforter.


Is Egyptian cotton the same as 100% cotton?

Egyptian cotton feels incredibly soft and lasts even longer than conventional cotton. In addition, even after numerous washings, it doesn’t pill as other cotton does. Once more, this is made possible by the special characteristics of an Egyptian cotton plant, which doesn’t produce a lot of lint.

Does the Egyptian cotton Duvet require ironing?

Egyptian cotton requires no ironing, and because it is so absorbent, it is excellent for dyeing, giving you a wide range of color options. Egyptian cotton is especially well suited for towels because of its durability and absorptivity. They are incredibly comfortable, fluffy, and light

Can a duvet cover be used without an insert?

Without the insert, use the quilt cover to cover yourself by spreading it out on your bed like a flat sheet. When your duvet isn’t used as much, this might assist to extend its lifespan. The ideal multipurpose replacement is the duvet cover.

What factors influence duvet cover size?

Purchase a duvet that is at least 12 inches bigger and 16 inches bigger than your mattress as a general rule. You might want to upsize even more if you have a spouse who frequently steals the sheets and especially deep mattresses, or if you use a fluffy mattress pad.

Do more threads truly make a difference?

The total number of strands per square inch of cloth is known as the thread count. Frequently, a higher thread count denotes finer yarns. More tiny yarns can fit into a square inch than heavier or coarser strands can.

What drawbacks do duvet covers have?

The comforter could move around the inside of the cover and bunch up, which is the sole negative of wearing a duvet cover. Therefore, we advise getting a cover with internal ties to hold the insert in place and prevent it from shifting. You can also stop sliding by using a cover that is around 2 inches smaller in length and width than your comforter.


We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, therefore having a welcoming and cozy sleeping area is crucial for us. Whether you like it or not, the bed linens have a big impact on your ability to unwind and get a good night’s sleep.
Decide on materials that are light and airy to the sensation and that feel calming to the touch. The correct bedding will keep you comfortable but cool all night long and aid in your rapid relaxation.

Most sleepers will benefit greatly from a duvet, an item of bedding that protects a comforter. It shields your comforter from stains, dust, pet hair, and other impurities. A duvet cover keeps your bedding in place with corner ties and, typically, a button or zip closure. You can easily wash the cover extra regularly than a bulky comforter, which is a feature that is particularly helpful for families with dogs and young children. By changing merely, the cover for a different color or pattern, you may instantly alter the appearance and design of your bedding when using a Egyptian cotton duvet cover.


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