Valance Sheet

Deep Frilled Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheet- Grey

Deep Frilled Egyptian Cotton Valance sheet-Grey

Dressing up yourself keeps you encouraged and charges similarly dressing up your bed is another task one needs to get fulfill for the beauty of the bedroom. From a tiring day, we want a relaxing place that would be comfortable to feel and appreciable to see. In this scenario what could be the comfier other than your bedroom? So, to add the value of appreciation to comfort I always use an Egyptian cotton Valance sheet for the beauty of my bed.

Cotton comfort bedding is one of the best sellers in the UK regarding bedding accessories. The use of 100% Egyptian cotton in all their bedding stuff keeps them exceptional from others. The purpose of a valance sheet is to cover up the lower part of your bed in a stylish way. I can see the frilled-filled valance sheet that is the best source of beauty for your room.

Similar to a skirt, a valance is indeed a beautiful sheet that conceals the bottom of your bed. Bed valances come in a variety of styles that can give your bedroom the final flourish. It’s time to purchase a very exquisite bed valance if you wish to add a traditional touch to your bedroom. They are silky smooth, making dropping off a breeze, and they look gorgeous in any environment.

Egyptian Cotton Valance sheet-Duck egg
Valance sheet Duck egg
Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheet Navy blue
Valance sheet Navy Blue
Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheet in Cream Color
Valance sheet Cream

How many types of Egyptian cotton valance sheets?

  • Basic Bed Valance: This is the basic type of Valance sheet which use only to cover the bed bottom.
  • Valance sheet: It can be regarded as the fitted valance sheet which is work as a fitted sheet as well as a valance to play the role of the bed skirt.
  • Velcro Valance: This type comes with a Velcro strip on the valance. with the help of this strip, you can paste the valance on the bed bottom without removing or displacing the mattress. This Velcro strip can easily be removed and pasted before and after laundry.
  • Corner valance: This type is specifically made for iron beds. This valance has corner ties to split in the long side of the bed bottoms.

How can I attach my valance sheet?

Since the valance already has a fitted sheet connected, as the name says, there is no need to separate the mattress in this situation. The attached frill drops over the base of the bed, allowing the linen to fit by sliding over the mattress at each corner.

This valance makes fitting a little bit easier, however, washing the valance also requires washing the sheet. Just keep in mind that the laundry machine (and you) is satisfied with that quantity of fabric according to the size of the bed.

Buying Guide

You can pick from a wonderful selection of Egyptian Cotton Valance sheets on cotton comfort bedding. It's a UK-based business that has been providing clients with its top-selling bedding item for many years.

  • All of their customers receive free shipping on every order.
  • They guarantee delivery in 48 hours of making an order on their website. They offer a very explicit return or refund policy that permits any customer to refund or request a reimbursement for a product under 30 days if they aren't satisfied with it.
  • They get payments via multiple satisfactory sources that are consumer friendly and easy to use.

Sizing details

 The sizing is very important in choosing the Egyptian cotton Valance sheet. Especially if you want to buy the fitted valance sheet you must be clear about your mattress size as well as the length of your bed bottom. Cotton comfort bedding is giving the best size guide for their customers to buy with ease online. The size detailing of deep fitted frilled valance sheet is given below;

  • SINGLE: 90cm x 190cm + 21cm box + 40cm frill
  • DOUBLE: 137cm x 190cm + 21cm box + 40cm frill
  • KING SIZE: 152cm x 200cm + 21cm box + 40cm frill
  • SUPER KING: 152cm x 200cm + 21cm box + 40cm frill

In all the above detailing the Pillowcases are sold separately in this category.


Following are things to keep into consideration while placing an order for an Egyptian cotton valance sheet online;

  • Yarn and fabric knowledge is very important. Yarn/Fabric must be 100% cotton. Preferably made up of 100% Egyptian Cotton.
  • The size is highly important. Properly measure mattress and bed bottom before getting fitted valance sheet online. You must be assured that you need a queen or king-size valance sheet before placing an order.
  • Thread count is very vital in describing the quality of fabric. Cotton Comfort bedding is offering 400threa count fabric that is highly recommended in the world of quality cotton fabric. It is breathable and remains nice even after multiple washes.
  • Choose the color that goes well with your bedroom theme. I often choose grey, green, zinc, and red for daily and occasional use.
  • Try to go for plain designs for routine use. The designs with pintucks and detailing can be chosen for occasional use only.


A bed sheet known as a valance sheet includes a valance that wraps all around the side of the bed for cosmetic appeal. A valance sheet not only adds a touch of flair and luxury, but also aids in hiding any things or storage drawers you may have under the bed.

The mattress is positioned with a base valance covering the base of the bed. Over the mattress, a sheet valance that serves as both a fitted sheet and a valance is placed.


To respond to the issue posed above, I would say that valances are still fashionable when made of modern fabrics, hues, and patterns. Additionally, classic designs never go out of style; they may only need to be updated with a more modern fabric pattern or color.

Egypt’s special environment makes for ideal growing circumstances for cotton plants, resulting in super-fine and lengthy yarn. Egyptian cotton has long been regarded as the softest and most durable cotton available.

The thread count of the best sheets is normally between 200 and 400. Lower than 180 thread counts typically have a rough texture. You’ll pay more for a sheet that doesn’t truly feel softer if the number is over 400 because the multi-ply thread tends to inflate numbers.

Unlike the fitted sheet, the valance sheet does not come with a zipper. There is no need for a zipper in a valance sheet.


Hence it is recommended that for a better visual aroma of your bedroom the use of an Egyptian Cotton Valance sheet is the must-have the bedroom. In the UK, the placement of valance around the bed Devan is a very old tradition and still considered a symbol of royalty among many families. The Cotton comfort bedding is providing the opportunity to pick the fitted valance sheet in numerous colors as per choice.

As far as reviews are concerned, our customers are highly satisfied along with positive reviews on the store. It is suggested that before using any product, see the safety guidelines of fabric before use or washing.