Valance Sheet

Deep Frilled Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheet- Yellow

Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheet in Yellow Color

Every adaptation or norm in society was once a need. Yes, it’s a fact that our needs become our fashion material afterward. The same is the case with the Egyptian cotton Valance sheet. It was needed historically to hide the things or boxes kept under the bed. But now become an essential bedding accessory to charm up our bedroom.

Cotton comfort bedding is introducing the best range of deep frilled fitted Egyptian cotton valance sheets in numerous hues like yellow, grey, gold and lilac, etc. After a tiring day, the bedroom is my first need to get relaxation. And it added beauty to the comfort if everything in a bedroom goes in a rhythm and is in the proper place. In this way, I feel relaxed. Thus, the Valance sheet is one of the most important components.

A valance is a lovely sheet that hides underneath your bed, similar to a skirt. Many different types of bed valances can add the finishing touch to your bedroom. It’s time to invest in a very expensive bed valance if you desire to give your bedroom a traditional feel. They look stunning in any setting and therefore are super smooth, putting dropping off a snap.

These Egyptian cotton valance sheets come in a wide variety and styles.  Frilled, pintuck, and plain designs are more common in this category. My most common pick is the fitted frilled valance sheet in yellow and gold color as these are my favorites. The valance thus hangs in a way to work as a bed skirt. The hanging side of the valance can be chosen as the same or in contrast color if you are using the simple base valance sheet.

Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheet Beige
Valance sheet Beige
Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheet Navy blue
Valance sheet Navy Blue
Egyptian Cotton Valance Sheet in Cream Color
Valance sheet Cream

Why there was a need for a Valance sheet?

In ancient times, the infrastructure and setting of rooms were not the same as modern bedrooms. In the UK and all around the world most people utilize the space under the bed for storage. The bed was made at a height that boxes of different items can be placed under the bed.

After that to cover or hide that height, valance came into existence. Egyptian cotton valance sheets thus become the need and a royal classy item for bedding. Moreover, now the interior designers follow the Zen designs for bedrooms. It's an ancient Japanese trick to create the Zen atmosphere in the living room that gives the effect of harmony and meditation in your bedroom.

The ancient designs of valance sheets witness the use of Velsper and VBA. These are the types of paint and patterns on fabric. Velsper and VBA styles on valance were mostly used in the UK royal families on important occasions.

Main Types of Valance sheets:

Basic Valance:

The most common type of valance is a base valance, also referred to as a platform sheet. Under the mattress, on a devan base, it fits. It features a frill that will cover the edges on three of the bed's four sides. The divan is then positioned on top of the mattress.

A valance of this type of bed linen rarely becomes filthy, so it will only sometimes need to be washed. However, if you have a larger bed, the work of removing the mattress and replacing it again can be difficult.

Valance sheet:

These bed linens are more useful because they are simple to put on and take off again. Depending on the depth of your mattress, the entire thing is placed over the mattress, with the frill reaching the floor and covering the entire base of the bed.

Buying Guide

On cotton comfort bedding, there is a beautiful assortment of Egyptian Cotton Valance sheets for you to choose from. It is a UK-based company that has been offering customers its best-selling bedding item for a long time.

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Sizing details

When selecting an Egyptian cotton Valance sheet, size is crucial. Be sure of the size of your mattress and the length of your bed bottom, especially if you plan to purchase a fitted valance sheet. For their clients' convenience, while purchasing online, Cotton Comfort Bedding provides the greatest sizing guides. Below is a description of the deep-fitted frilled valance sheet's dimensions;

  • SINGLE: 90cm x 190cm + 21cm box + 40cm frill
  • DOUBLE: 137cm x 190cm + 21cm box + 40cm frill
  • KING SIZE: 152cm x 200cm + 21cm box + 40cm frill
  • SUPER KING: 152cm x 200cm + 21cm box + 40cm frill

It is advised to see the yardage of your bed Devan very properly before selecting the size of the valance sheet. As yardage gives you the estimated length for buying the sheet.

(Pillowcases sold separately with this category)


A bed sheet known as a valance sheet includes a valance that wraps around the side of the bed for aesthetic purposes. A valance sheet not only adds a touch of flair and luxury, but also aids in concealing any things or storage drawers you may have under the bed.

You can quickly cover your bed’s base and conceal any unsightly items by adding a valance. Valances are made to keep dust and filth from collecting on the base of your bed. You may extend the life of your set by simply putting a valance to the base of your bed.


A valance covers the bottom of your bed and is placed underneath the mattress. The mattress is covered with a fitted valance sheet that hangs over the base.

Though counts between 300 and 360 will probably be the softest, the broad range of 200 to 400 is what to seek.

The thread count of the best sheets is normally between 200 and 400. Lower than 180 thread counts typically have a coarser texture. Any number above 400 is probably an exaggerated figure caused by a multi-ply thread, so you’ll pay more for a sheet that doesn’t genuinely feel softer.

Egyptian cotton fabrics are worth spending a little bit more money on since they are softer, finer, and last more compared to any other cotton fabric. The weave of the fabric is way stronger and lasts a lot longer than standard cotton because finer yarns result in a higher thread count.


Therefore, it is advised to use an Egyptian Cotton Valance sheet, which is a must-have for the bedroom, for a better visual scent. A very old custom that many families still view as a mark of royalty in the UK is the placement of valances around beds. The fitted valance sheet can be chosen from a range of colors when purchasing from Cotton Comfort Bedding. So, go and grab this sheet to rock the room's appearance. this frilled valance sheet will surely rock your bedroom style.

The plus point is that now most people adopt wooden or vinyl flooring in their bedrooms. Which makes it easy to utilize the space underneath the bed. This trend makes the demand for valance sheets increase. As vinyl flooring is more like a neat and dust-free floor. So you can keep your stuff under the bed without thinking about dust and mites.

Reviews show that our consumers are quite happy, and they are also complimentary of the store. It is advised to read the fabric's safety instructions before using or washing any product.