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Egyptian Cotton Housewife Pillowcases

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We give a lot of care like whether our pillows are just perfect, too soft, or too hard. But how much do we consider how to safeguard them? Although they are sometimes neglected, pillowcases are a crucial component of a bedding set because they safeguard both the pillow and your skin. Finding the perfect pillowcase and maintaining it properly will not only help your pillows last longer, but they may also help you sleep better at night. That’s why I always prefer to buy good quality Egyptian cotton housewife pillowcases for my bedding.

In the UK, Cotton Comfort Bedding is giving you the widest range of super comfy pillowcases. Having a pillowcase is the ultimate care that we can do for protecting our pillow fillings from dirt and dust. As far as a clean pillowcase guarantees our skin health and peaceful sleep as well. These covers come in different patterns and stuff. We can choose the right one for our bedroom requirements.

Naturally, what works for one person might not work for another, this is why there are several varieties of pillowcases to fit different designs, colors, fabric, budgets, and room needs. we carry everything from the opulent to the hassle-free. But what distinguishes an oxford pillowcase from a housewife’s pillowcase? Why does the cotton’s quality matter? Let’s discuss.

Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases Duck Egg color
Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases
Egyptian cotton housewife pillowcases
Egyptian Cotton Housewife Pillowcases
Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases
Egyptian Cotton Oxford Pillowcases

Types of Pillowcases

Housewife Pillowcases:

The housewife pillowcase has quite a lot more simplistic appearance with a stitched edge that matches the pillow's design. It goes with any linen and hue and offers your bedding a wonderful, fresh vibe. It's perfect if you want to avoid any expensive frills and aim for a simple look.

There are housewife pillowcases in practically every household residence. They are typical pillow cases that tightly enclose the entire pillow to prevent creasing, drooping, and any attempts by the cushion inside to escape. Housewife covers are also a very economical choice because they are the most common and generic sort of pillowcase. There are tutorial videos on YouTube that tell you the way to insert a pillow in a housewife pillowcase.

Oxford Pillowcases:

Cotton comfort bedding is offering an opulent and elegant cover option in an Oxford pillowcase. Oxfords, which include a stylish frill along their edge, are excellent for anyone looking to give their establishment's bedrooms more impact. Although you could hardly tell the difference, fake Oxford pillowcases should not be confused with actual Oxford cases. A mock case's border lacks edges and corners, whereas a traditional Oxford's does. 

The edge of the oxford pillowcase contains an additional fabric flap or border. This creates the appearance of larger pillows and makes the surroundings appear a little plusher. When contrasted to a super king bed, the pillows may appear a little; yet, they work particularly well on larger mattresses. Additionally, they give a bed a more opulent and "dressed" appearance.

Fabric Choice

In the UK, the pillowcases come in many kinds of stuff like silk, cotton, jersey, and Joann. Pillowcases are composed of a variety of natural and synthetic fabrics, just like sheets. It is preferable to start by choosing your fabric first when purchasing new pillowcases. The most crucial element in deciding the comfort and durability of your new pillowcases is the fabric. We always advise selecting high-quality all-natural cotton for the greatest option that provides both great sleep and long-lasting softness.

At first, satin and other polyesters may seem alluring due to their initial softness, but these materials are made of synthetic materials which are less breathable, more likely to wear out, and difficult to care for. By choosing premium cotton pillowcases, you're choosing a breathable, elegant, and all-natural material that is simple to care for and will remain soft for many years. There are other cotton weaves available as well, which is another benefit of cotton's versatility. You're sure to be able to locate a cotton fabric that matches your preferred sleeping style, whether you want smooth sateen, crisp percale, or comfortable flannel.

Perfect Size

The size of an Egyptian Cotton housewife pillowcase is highly important when doing any online purchase. After choosing the material for your pillowcases, you should consider the size. Naturally, if you've already bought pillows, you'll want to make sure to get the right size. And trust us, it can be confusing, so it's always worth checking again.

However, if you're updating your linens, which should include frequent pillow replacements, now is a wonderful opportunity to consider the size of the pillows you'll be using on your bed. Cotton comfort bedding is offering all dimensions of pillowcases which could be possible to buy in UK bedding. We are offering full sizing cases for large pillows.

Buying Guide

You can pick from a wonderful selection of Egyptian Cotton housewife pillowcases on cotton comfort bedding. It is a UK-based business that has been providing clients with its top-selling bedding pillowcases for a long period.

  • All of their customers receive free shipping on every order.
  • We guarantee delivery within 48 hours of making an order on their website.
  • We offer a very clear refund or return policy that allows any buyer to return or claim a refund for an item within thirty days if they are not satisfied with it.
  • We offer a very explicit return or money-back policy that enables any customer to send back or get a refund for a product within 30 days if they're dissatisfied with it.

Sizing Details

Cotton comfort bedding is providing a one-size pillow case for both housewife and oxford pillowcases.

Size of the pillow protector: 50*57CM


While having pillowcases in your bedding essentials, these instructions must be kept in mind ;

  • A dirty pillowcase is a haven for dust mites and bed bugs. So, you have to wash your pillowcases twice a week.
  • Egyptian cotton pillowcases can be washed easily by domestic machines.
  • For daily casual routine, use the breathable material of pillowcases. One of the best breathable fabrics is cotton for bedding linen.
  • While purchasing pillow cases, you must avoid the detailing or stone work on pillow cases. It can be harmful to your skin and comfort.


If there are no instructions, use the same gentle detergent you used to wash your sheets to clean your pillows on the gentle cycle. Warm water is preferable to hot water, just like your linens. To make sure all the detergent is removed, give the pillows one or two extra washing cycles.

Although cosmetics, hair products, water (from damp hair), and drool can also result in yellow stains on pillows, perspiration and oils are the main cause of yellow stains on pillows.


To keep the pillowcase in place, the Housewives Co-operative in Bolton modified a typical pillowcase in the 1880s to incorporate an interior flap at the end. They then earned the nickname “Housewife” pillows in tribute to the cooperative.

The addition of pillowcases sometimes referred to as pillow coverings, completes bedding ensembles in terms of both comfort and utility. They not only shield pillows from dust, filth, stains, and facial oils, but they also give them a cozy and attractive look.

Throw old pillows in the washer and set the cycle to soak. Washing machines clean more evenly when two loads are being washed at once. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide should be added to the washing machine’s drum.


Egyptian cotton housewife pillowcases are the necessary item for your bedding accessories. Picking the correct pillow case and sticking to cleaning it frequently might help you with a variety of issues that you probably didn't realize you could handle. Paying a little more care to the fabric covering your beloved pillow could result in benefits such as fewer allergies, less acne, and enhanced health in general.

As same as cotton comfort bedding, there are other stores like Amazon, Walmart, JCPenney, and bed bath and beyond, who are selling the Egyptian cotton housewife pillowcases in reasonable sale terms. Pillowcases are available on our store in vibrant and soft colors like Yellow, gold and hot pink. Come and grab your favorite hues among our collection. Make sure to read instructions card before using any product.