Mattress Protector

Deep Fitted Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector

Deep fitted quilted waterproof mattress protector

Just like a face mask, which you need to cover or shield your breath from dusty and infectious particles, your bedding mattress needs a protective shield too. The best deep fitted quilted waterproof mattress protector is a must-have for your bedroom especially when you have kids and pets in your home.

Indeed, your mattress is an expensive and useful item that you cannot wash on every stain as it’s heavy and non-washable in domestic machines. That’s why in the UK, cotton comfort bedding is introducing a marvelous product the Best deep fitted waterproof mattress protector for your bedroom which protect your mattress to absorb any liquid and dust allergens.

This Best Deep Fitted Quilted Waterproof mattress protector is equally suitable for your bedding and the crib or cot of your kids as well. This luxurious extra deep protector is 100% breathable and made up of organic polyester at a sale price.

In the UK people use multi-color sheets due to this reason mattress protector also comes in various colors like green, gray and orange, etc. In my opinion, the white color I the universal one and can be suitable under all the light tones colors on your bedding. Especially the colorful protectors mostly used for the crib mattress of children.


deep fitted quilted waterproof mattress protector
Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector
deep fitted quilted waterproof mattress protector
Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector
deep fitted quilted waterproof  mattress protector
Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector

Types of Mattress Protectors:

Mattress protector comes in mainly two types of usage. The one is;

Deep fitted mattress protector: It can be used as the full coverage which has elastic around the edge and it gets fitted completely around your mattress.

Quilted top sheet: It works as the top cover of the mattress simply like an under sheet beneath the bedsheet. But this category is more prone to slip and leave wrinkles on the bedsheet.

General Properties of Mattress Protector:

  • This beauty rest mattress protector is widely suggested in UK bedding accessories.
  • This quilted waterproof mattress protector is equally suitable for domestic washing machines and dryers.
  • This extra deep mattress protector is 100% pocket friendly.
  • Its fabric material is easily breathable and meets all the safety standards of fabric making.
  • You can get it done on your foam in one go.
  • Readable full instructions paper is provided that you can read before using this mattress protector.
  • Many other brands are also selling high-standard mattress protectors which are waterproof too for your bedding. Among them Alastair nature, tontine comfortech, Dunelm, Dreamaker, Divante, Ikea, and John lewis is remarkable.

Buying Guide

You may find quilted waterproof and non-waterproof mattress protectors in their online shop, which is provided by Cotton Comfort Bedding. It is a UK-based business that has been offering customers its best-selling bedding item for a long time.

  • They guarantee delivery within 48 hours of placing an order on their website.
  • They offer a very clear refund or return policy that permits any buyer to return or claim a refund for an item within 30 days if they are dissatisfied with it.
  • All of their customers receive free shipping on every order.
  • They guarantee delivery within 48 hours of placing an order on their website.
  • They provide a very clear 30-day money-back or return policy that enables any customer to return or get a refund for a product if they're unhappy with it.

Sizing Details

Selecting a cover that will perfectly fit your mattress is essential. A protector that is too loose may be noisy when you move around at night and provide more room for dampness, mites, and other contaminants to soak through to your mattress. The easiest way to ensure a snug fit is to match the thickness of your mattress with the mattress protector.

All of the sizes for bedding mattresses that are offered in the UK are provided by cotton comfort bedding. No matter what size of bed you need a king, Queen, super king, or other, you can find it here. Brief size information is as follows:

  • Pillowcases: 48×74 CM
  • Single: 90x190CM
  • Small Double: 122x190CM
  • Double: 137x190CM
  • King: 150x190CM
  • Super King: 180x200CM


A layer of expandable foam is between two layers of your chosen fabric to create quilted fabric. After that, the fabric is fastened with a variety of delicate stitching lines that typically form a repetitive pattern.

How frequently should my mattress protector be washed? Depending on how you use it, you should wash your mattress protector with mild detergent every two months. Every three months, a mattress protector in a rarely used guest bedroom should be cleaned.


Simple mattress covers made of cotton are quilted, portable, and washable and are best for protecting and controlling temperature. Comfort is substantially increased when latex, wool, or textiles with moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties are added. Latex and/or wool mattress toppers and pads are mold and dust mite resistant.

The brand and kind of cover you select will determine whether or not the mattress protector is breathable. However, companies like Cotton comfort bedding employ premium terry cotton, which provides excellent breathability; as a result, while selecting a cover, be sure it is breathable.

No, mattress protectors do not make you feel heated because they are composed of high-quality fabric. These clothes are airy and aid in body cooling. To avoid feeling hot, choose the proper material when completing your buy.


Although cotton and polyester are common materials for mattress protectors, you might wish to seek one made of bamboo or another eco-friendly material. There are many options, so think about every scenario before choosing a choice.

Cotton comfort bedding is giving you the right fabric material for mattress protectors at a reasonable cost. It’s made up of 100% polyester but breathable too. In the UK, you can get the best bedding accessories in our online store.

What are your current thoughts on the debate over mattress protectors? Now that you know how crucial it is to safeguard both your health and your mattress investment, it's time to begin the enjoyable process of looking for a protector that fits your mattress.